Design Studio

e-Mfundi is a specialized group of digital natives, drawn together by a need to share our collective experience. e-Mfundi solves any digital brand need that you may have.

How we create content

The one type of conversation that people will always subscribe to, is a conversation about the future. that is the hook that catches the attention of people at all levels. So let’s move the conversation to “The Future”.

Our Process

Research & Strategy: Creative strategic workshops enable us to discover meaningful insights, in order to create impactful content strategies & a unique brand approach.

Content Execution: Based on content strategy, creatives will produce disruptive work while strategies assure that the correct messages reach the correct audience at the right place at the right time.

Content Audit: We understand our clients have set-goals, whether it is to increase brand awareness, sales, followers etc. The numbers are important; a content audit allows us to calculate the ROI, the effectiveness of our campaigns and helps us identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Build a case study plan: Based on social media analytics or other platforms utilize, a case study is made to highlight the results of the content created to show how we reached our client’s goals.

How we Ideate

e-Mfundi provides you with a think tank to create, sell and execute any future-focused ideas. These services can be used to help you with Programme Design, B2B Pitching, and Strategy as well as unique and immersive experiences