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Using Education, Technology and Design, we are preparing individuals and organizations to be future fit so that they can not only be sustainable, but can thrive in an ever changing world.

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Design Studio

e-Mfundi is a specialized group of digital natives, drawn together by a need to share our collective experience. e-Mfundi solves any digital brand need that you may have.

e-Mfundi provides you with a think tank to create, sell and execute any future focused ideas. These services can be used to help you with Programme Design, B2B Pitching and Strategy as well as unique and immersive experiences.

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We aim to educate organisation teams about future technologies, how they can solve problems as they arise and showing the fundamentals and aspects of a high performance team.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our drone immersion; a new, fun and immersive way of learning, with reflection points that encourage your teams to think differently about how they approach their daily tasks and how their work contributes to the ecosystem of your organisation

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We live in a constantly changing technological landscape, it is important that we get an understanding of how technology Is evolving and how we can use it to our advantage to further our industries.


As technology is ever evolving, we use these emerging technologies as learning vehicles to shape mindsets. Virtuality, augmented and mixed reality is just an example of technologies that help us learn better in the VUCA world. With the Fourth Industrial revolution upon us and the rise of 5G, we see a lot of technologies converging which gives the human mind multiple ways to learn a certain skill!

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